16 Starfield Tips and Tricks to Conquer the Galaxy

16 Starfield Tips and Tricks to Conquer the Galaxy

Here are the best Starfield tips and tricks to help you during your journey into the galaxy.

Starfield is the first new game coming from Bethesda in 25 years. It is a brand new universe tailored by the developers of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls.

Although it had a rough start, Starfield has already swung the gaming landscape. That’s only natural as we’ve been dying to get our hands on it and play the best games like Starfield during the wait.

The time to jump right into has come, though. And you shouldn’t do that without the best Starfield tips and tricks. Let’s dive into our beginner’s guide to Starfield without further ado!

Best Starfield Tips and Tricks

As the vast expanse of Starfield calls, starting your interstellar journey can be a bit overwhelming. That’s where the best Starfield tips and tricks will come in really handy!

With many skills, systems, and secrets to uncover, you must equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate this epic RPG space. Here, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of tips and tricks to get started in the game.

1. Complete a couple of main mission stories first.

Unlike Fallout games and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Starfield has a rather weaker prologue. So you just can’t finish the starting area and go wherever you want to lose yourself in the Bethesda bliss.

That very bliss comes a bit late in Starfield. That’s why we suggest at least completing The Old Neighbourhood mission in the first chapter of the game.

2. Don’t let New Atlantis scare you off.

New Atlantis, in its current state, is undeniably one of the weakest aspects of Starfield’s design. Despite the game’s ambitious scope, this hub can also feel disjointed, cluttered, and confusing. The sprawling layout, overcrowded with various elements, can overwhelm even the most experienced players.

Navigating New Atlantis often requires patience, too. So stick with the mission markers and don’t let it scare you away.

3. Unlock the Boost Pack.

In the exciting world of Starfield, there’s a game-changing skill known as ‘Boost Pack Training.’ It’s your ticket to enhanced mobility and efficiency as you journey through the stars. This skill has four different ranks, each offering cool advantages. To unlock these perks, you’ll need to earn skill points.

Here’s a quick rundown of what each rank does:

  1. Rank One – Unlocks the Boost Pack.
  2. Rank Two – Makes your Boost Pack use less fuel.
  3. Rank Three – Speeds up how quickly your Boost Pack’s fuel regenerates.
  4. Rank Four – Doubles all the previous benefits.

4. The Scanner is great for looting.

The world of Starfield is filled with clutters. In this incredibly detailed world, you must know which items and resources you need.

That’s where the hand scanner comes into play. It simply highlights all of the items in an area. Since nearly every area is filled with many things, it is good to see only the interactable objects.

That’s why I strongly suggest using the hand scanner when looting!

5. Don’t fill your inventory with clutter.

In the vast space, it’s easy to pick up all sorts of items during your adventures. But you should resist the temptation to hoard everything you come across.

Keeping your inventory free from unnecessary clutter is crucial. That’s because you’ll get overloaded pretty quickly in Starfield.

And refraining from looting everything will make it easier to take what you really need like crafting components. So, remember, in Starfield, a clean inventory is your key to efficient and organized spacefaring.

6. Cargo Hold can save you from dropping valuable items.

As we said earlier, you’ll get overloaded quite often in Starfield. Since the game is filled with many clutters and trinkets, you will usually get tired of inventory management.

That’s where your ship’s Cargo Hold takes the scene. It is a handy feature that allows you to store your inventory.

In fact, you can even use the Cargo Hold while you’re outside of the ship. If you’re within 200 meters, Starfield allows you to transfer items directly from your inventory to your ship’s Cargo Hold.

7. Explore everywhere.

This is the idea Starfield is built upon. The game offers hundreds of planets filled with distinct landmarks. From natural wonders to deserted structures, exploring Starfield is simply wonderful.

It is also the core element of the game. Finding new landmarks and gathering resources allows you to build outposts. You can then make cargo links between your outposts to transfer the items faster.

8. Complete faction missions.

The faction missions are one of the strongest aspects of Starfield. The stories in these questlines are always thrilling. They also yield great rewards like ships and legendary items.

Do keep in mind that you can simply join every faction present in the Settled Systems. Moreover, you can enter every one of the mats once!

9. Keep an eye out for skill books.

Similar to the studio’s previous games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, getting your hands on skill books is possible. These books will bring permanent skill boosts, becoming very useful in the long run.

Remember that they are a bit bigger than regular books in the game. Moreover, they also have different covers, often with more vibrant colors.

They also don’t have a specific place. You can bump into them pretty much everywhere during your journeys.

10. Quickslot menu is your friend.

Starfield doesn’t come with a settled weapon wheel. So, instead of picking one every time during combat, place them on your quickslots menu.

Stopping the game to open the inventory during combat can be really frustrating. But making them favorite items allows you to place them to your quickslot menu.

This will allow you to use 12 items quickly by pressing on numbers on the keyboard. (Or simply use D-Pad if you’re using a controller.)

11. Looting every piece of ammo is essential.

Starfield has a ton of guns that you’ll will so desperately need during your dangerous encounters.

Since the galaxy is a vast place filled with dangers, you need to transform into a moving ammunition. That’s why it is essential to grab every piece of ammo during your journey.

Even though your character depends on their vocal skills to get out of dangerous situations, it is always smart to carry a ton of ammo in Starfield.

12. Buy a ton of Digipicks.

Digipicks are the lockpicks of the far future. Having a ton of them is a must. Since you never know when you bump into a safe or a storage box, keeping lots of Digipicks is always a good idea.

While you can find them during your exploration sessions, we suggest buying a ton of them from a trader As some safes are really difficult to crack open, you will be burning these Digipicks pretty fast.

13. Sleep to get the XP bonus.

Sleeping in Starfield will not only fill your health bar, but it will also introduce a nice XP bonus.

Similar to many other RPGs, resting or sleeping in Starfield gives you a Well Rested bonus that increases your XP gain. Knowing that leveling up is the way to go forward, this XP bonus is definitely a bless.

With a 10% boost for 24 minutes, feel free to jump into fights and exploration to make the most of the bonus.

14. Always keep a throwable explosive in your inventory.

Having a throwable explosive on hand can be a lifesaver in Starfield. Whether you encounter hostile creatures or need to breach a locked door, a throwable explosive can provide a quick solution.

Because your ammunition will drain pretty quickly. Thanks to these explosives, you’ll ensure a safe way out from most battles.

15. Play in Hard difficulty.

Starfield is a really easy game. In fact, its combat tends to become a bit boring due to poor enemy AI.

That’s where can consider playing Starfield in Hard difficulty. Playing on a higher difficulty level can make combat encounters more intense. It also becomes more rewarding as the possibility of finding Legendary Items also increases.

16. Increase your ship’s Cargo Hold.

It is essential to invest in increasing your ship’s Cargo Hold capacity. A larger Cargo Hold allows you to gather more valuable items during your travels and reduces the need for constant inventory management.

By following these additional tips, you’ll be better prepared to navigate the challenges of Starfield’s expansive universe and make the most of your interstellar journey.

Here are the best Starfield tips and tricks for your interstellar adventure. With them at your disposal, getting started with Starfield‘s challenges should be easier.

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