How to Steal Ships in Starfield? (Get Rich Quick!)

How to Steal Ships in Starfield? (Get Rich Quick!)

Did you know you can steal ships in Starfield to get rick quickly? Let’s dive into how you can do it in this extensive Starfield guide.

There is no doubt that Starfield is a game where you should prepare yourself before diving right into it. That’s why some tips and tricks for Starfield are always good to have.

Unfortunately, some tips like inventory management are essential due to the game’s lackluster aspects. But despite having lots of glaring drawbacks, Starfield is also a great game that grants you total freedom. For example, you can steal ships in Starfield as a side hustle to fill your pockets.

Stealing ships in Starfield is a ton of fun

Starfield comes with an intricate character progression system. This requires you to develop your character in lots of different aspects. Since this is a sci-fi RPG set in the far future, your character must have decent piloting skills.

steal a ship in starfield

Boasting a decent skillset is not enough, though. Because now you need a hefty amount of Credits in your inventory to buy new ships.

In short, the whole process can feel a bit sluggish. But don’t worry. Because you can always steal ships in Starfield regardless of where you are.

How do you steal a ship in Starfield?

The ship thievery adventure can occur both in space and on planets. Here’s how it happens.

Most of the time, you will realize that new ships land on the planets on which you are currently exploring. Let’s say that you are on Eridani IV and looking for resources.

You often realize that a different ship enters the atmosphere and lands near you. Sometimes, you can even see two more ships landing on the different parts of the planet too.

how to steal ships in starfield

When that happens, the chance of bagging a brand new space vessel appears. Just follow the simple steps below:

  • Hit F5 if you are on PC to create a quicksave. Hit the Menu button twice and then press A if you are on Xbox. This will allow you to go back to your save if you fail to take over the ship.
  • Normally, the spacecraft that land on the planet right after you either belong to Spacers, Ecliptics, or Va’ruun cultists.
  • The owner of the ship doesn’t matter, though. Since you have to kill the entire crew before you get your hands on it.
  • Quickly run to the ship’s entrance and head directly to the cockpit.
  • Based on the ship’s structure, you might have to climb some ladders before you finally reach the cockpit.
  • Kill the entire crew to take control of the ship.
  • Take off the planet.

How do you sell a stolen ship in Starfield?

Once you’re done with eliminating the crew, you can now land on any planet in the Settled Systems or Freestar Collective. You shouldn’t be carrying contraband on the ship, though. Keep that in mind before you grav jump to one of these star systems.

starfield ship stealing

Once you’re cleared, land on any planet with a city and a landing pad.

  • Talk to the nearest Ship Technician.
  • Select “I’d like to view and modify my ships” in the dialogue options.
  • If you don’t have any other ships, you’ll see two ships: one is the default ship, Frontier. The other ship is the one you just bagged from space pirates.
  • You’ll notice that the new stolen ship has become your Home Ship. Switch back to Frontier and hit H to make it your Home Ship again.
  • Since you can’t sell your Home Ship, switching to the one you always use is a must.

How do you register a stolen ship in Starfield?

Once that’s done, navigate to the screen’s bottom left corner and select Register Ship. Registering a ship will cost you lots of credits. Don’t worry, though. Because this will allow you to sell it for even more money.

  • Quit from the ship menu and talk to the Ship Technician again.
  • This time, select “Let me see what ships you’re selling.”
  • This will open up the ship category, where you can switch to selling by pressing Q.
  • You’ll now see that the ship you stole can now be sold for a higher price than the registration cost.
  • You might think that it is not that much. But considering the loot of the Cargo Hold, along with the crew, this is a good sum of Credits!

Why should you steal ships in Starfield?

Stealing a ship in Starfield is not only a ton of fun, but it also brings a really good amount of Credits. The crew of the ship has often great loot on them, including a hefty amount of loot.

starfield ship stealing

Moreover, the ship’s Cargo Hold also contains valuable resources alongside at least two or three thousand Credits. The amount of loot you’ll find can be even more based on its scale.

Apart from all these, stealing a ship in Starfield is also a great activity. If you enjoy roleplaying, slowly crawling to a spaceship on a foreign planet is quite thrilling. And when you take over the ship, you then get to sell it for profit.

Starfield Ship Stealing: Tips and Tricks

During the process, the ship crew will be constantly shooting at you. That’s why it is smart to consume some boosters that will increase your Damage Resistance. If the ship starts taking off while you are in it, your character will probably die due to collision.

That’s why you should be quite fast and reach the cockpit. Once you are in it, quickly kill the crew inside this area, making sure that no one will run the engines.

After this point, you will be smooth sailing as the remaining enemies will run towards the cockpit. Just stand your ground and survive until no enemy is left on the ship. Otherwise, the game won’t let you take off with the ship.

What happens to the ship you left behind?

Once you steal a ship, your previous one is automatically added to your fleet. So you don’t lose your current ship when you take over new ones for some pirating endeavors.

Does the ship Cargo Hold carryover in Starfield?

Yes. Once you steal a ship, it automatically becomes your Home Ship. This means that all of the items in your previous ship’s Cargo Hold has now been transferred.

Remember that only Cargo Hold’s content carries over to your new ship. This means that the items in the previous ship’s physical inventories and storage boxes will continue to stay there.

In conclusion, stealing ships in Starfield isn’t just a daring adventure; it’s a lucrative opportunity to fill your pockets with Credits and experience the thrill of interstellar heists. So, prepare to embark on your pilfering journey and enjoy the spoils of your spaceship thievery in this captivating sci-fi RPG. Happy ship stealing!

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