12 Best Games to Play Until Release of Starfield

12 Best Games to Play While Waiting for Starfield

What are the best games to play while waiting for Starfield? Here are some of the greatest titles to make the waiting a bit easier.

There is no doubt that Starfield is one of the most anticipated games of this year. It is also the first universe the developer Bethesda created after two decades. The open-world space RPG seems like it will consume our months and maybe years. That’s why waiting for Starfield can be extremely difficult. We get that!

That’s why we’ve come up with the list of best games to play while waiting for Starfield. Let’s dive in and find out what you can play as we get closer to September 6.

What to play while waiting for Starfield?

Starfield Direct has provided us with ample info on what we should expect from the game. From base building to exploration, crafting to space voyage, the upcoming RPG is filled with a ton of mechanics.

That’s the reason why it is not easy to find an equivalent to Starfield. Based on what we saw during the showcase, Bethesda’s new game is looking colossal in virtually every aspect.

12. Observation

One of the most unique space games in recent years, Observation offers a mind-bending experience set in a space station. The game puts you in the shoes of a space station AI.

Prepare yourself as you embark on a suspenseful journey filled with intrigue and mystery. In the claustrophobic space station, you’ll have to uncover secrets and unravel the truth as well.

Observation is a must-play for anyone who loves sci-fi thrillers set in space.

11. Dead Space

best games to play waiting for starfield

Dead Space is not an open-world game. It also takes a much different approach to the space and sci-fi concept. But it does deliver an unforgettable experience set in the deep space.

For many, Dead Space is one of the most prominent examples of the survival horror genre. That’s because it offers a spine-chilling journey in the massive spacecraft of USG Ishimura.

Dead Space also wants you to brace yourself for grotesque creatures and quite claustrophobic environments. Alongside its gripping storyline, it comes with amazing visuals that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

10. Stellaris

Stellaris is your go-to game if you are craving some galactic empire-building action. That’s because this popular game allows you to create your own interstellar civilization.

As the commander of your interstellar empire, your task is to explore uncharted galaxies and forge diplomatic alliances. Alongside its strategic experience, Stellaris also offers a chance to engage in epic space battles.

Stellaris is helmed by Paradox, which is one of the most prominent developers when it comes to grand strategy games.

9. Astroneer

best games to play waiting for starfield

If you are not into action and strategy, Astroneer is definitely worth your time as a mini Starfield alternative. It is one of the best games similar to Starfield when it comes to exploration and resource management.

The exploration-focused game allows you to build bases while slowly discovering new places. The delightful and low-stress game will keep you engaged for hours.

Boasting more than 90 thousand reviews on Steam, Astroneer has successfully grasped the Very Positive rating as well.

8. Prey

It is safe to say that Arkane Studios is one of the most celebrated and respected studios in the gaming landscape. That’s only natural considering their incredibly successful work with Dishonored and Deathloop.

But a great majority of the studio’s fans believe that Prey is their finest work. And they might be just right. That’s because Prey boasts incredible visuals and an immersion that is beyond most games.

The first-person shooter also blends action, suspense, and wonderful world-building. For those who look for an unforgettable journey into space, Prey is a solid pick. It is simply one of the best games to play while waiting for Starfield.

7. Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is the ultimate space simulator for those who want to literally live in space. The massively multiplayer online game allows you to pilot your own spaceship. Moreover, you can also trade goods and engage in thrilling dogfights.

Unlike other space games, Elite Dangerous also boasts a vast space where you can experience long voyages in the Milky Way galaxy.

Even though it has a steep learning curve, Elite Dangerous is one of the best games like Starfield. That’s why it should keep you busy until Bethesda’s long-awaited RPG makes its debut.

6. Destiny 2

Bungie’s long-running MMOFPS invites you to a massive universe built with captivating lore. The online multiplayer shooter comes with intense gunplay, cooperative missions, and epic PvP battles.

Destiny 2 also boasts a great number of DLCs that expand its massive world. Its gripping story and superb gameplay will keep you hooked up for months.

On top of that, it is one of the best games to play while you wait for Starfield. Just like Bethesda’s new RPG, it is also filled with a ton of content.

5. EVE Online

EVE Online comes with one of the biggest multiplayer realms ever designed. The free-to-play MMORPG offers a colossal sandbox experience where you can embark on your own journey into space.

The community-driven space MMO also allows players to dive into PvE and PvP battles. On top of that, you can also delve into mining and resource gathering to trade in a player-driven economy.

The world of EVE Online is wonderful to dive in. That’s why EVE Online is one of the best games like Starfield. It should make waiting a lot easier. In fact, you might find it difficult to quit EVE Online when Starfield finally launches.

4. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The world of gaming considers the Mass Effect trilogy the best space RPG. That’s because BioWare’s critically-acclaimed trilogy offers one hefty journey that will stay with you for years.

The trilogy is filled with iconic moments and wonderful characters. The power of narrative in the Mass Effect series is also immense. Almost everything about these games deserves praise.

In terms of scale and RPG elements, Mass Effect is one of the best games similar to Starfield. It is a must-play for anyone who enjoys sci-fi and RPGs.

3. The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is coming from the talented minds of Obsidian Entertainment. They are mostly known for their incredible work with Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity.

Almost every game from Obsidian Entertainment has a brilliant narrative and incredible RPG elements. The Outer Worlds, on the other hand, is one of their most original works yet.

It offers a satirical adventure set in a distant future where mega-corporations rule. As the protagonist who decides the fate of the space colony, you’ll get to delve into exploration, combat, and unforgettable storytelling.

2. Fallout 4

As the fourth mainline entry in the series, Fallout 4 takes players to post-apocalyptic Boston. Set 200 years after the nuclear war, Fallout 4 comes with a massive combination of RPG, combat, exploration, and base-building.

It is simply one of the best games to play before Starfield comes out. That’s because it is also developed by Bethesda and works on a previous version of the Creation game engine.

While it may not be set in space, Fallout 4 is still a wonderful game that depicts a world to lose yourself in. Its vast wasteland is full of mysterious landmarks and radioactive mutants.

Similar to Starfield’s base-building, the post-apocalyptic RPG allows you to build and manage settlements as well. Its in-depth customization and crafting system is also a spiritual predecessor to Starfield’s.

1. No Man’s Sky

Strap on your space helmet and embark on the ultimate exploration adventure in the vast world of No Man’s Sky. Hello Games’ massive open-world game is filled with countless planets to discover.

Alongside its massive number of places to explore, the game also comes with a ton of mysterious alien species. You decide where to go and what to do in the universe depicted by No Man’s Sky.

In most aspects, No Man’s Sky is quite similar to Starfield. What you can do in No Man’s Sky ranges from exploration to gathering resources, planet discovery to space voyage.

Wrapping Up

Here are the best games to play while waiting for Starfield. Indeed many games on this list are only similar to Bethesda’s upcoming RPG on specific sides.

That said, they are still great to make the waiting more endurable. They are great to play while the hype for Starfield gets bigger each passing day. The massive RPG is slated to release on PC and Xbox consoles on September 6. It will also launch on Xbox Game Pass on day one!


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