14 Armored Core 6: Fires Of Rubicon Tips and Tricks

What are the best Armored Core 6 tips to survive on Rubicon 3? Here’s your ultimate guide to start with FromSoftware’s most recent entry.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is a dream for the series’ fans. That’s because the last installment in the franchise debuted back in 2013. That left no choice for the fans but to play the best games like Armored Core.

But that all changes now as FromSoftware is at it again with a brand new Armored Core after bagging the Game of the Year Award with Elden Ring in 2022.

This time, they leave the dark fantasy to others and return to their decade-spanning mecha series. While that’s great news for the series fans, the newbies need a ton of Armored Core 6 tips to get started with the game.

If you are one of those newbies and want to get started with the series, here’s where to play every Armored Core game in 2023.

Best Armored Core 6 Tips and Tricks

Let’s dive into our comprehensive beginner’s guide for Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon.

1. Optimize controller settings.

Armored Core is best played on a controller, some would say. If you feel you belong to one of them, optimize your controller settings. In fact, one of the first things you must do is to increase the camera speed.

This will allow you to keep up with the ultimate chaos in the battlefields of Rubicon 3. While you don’t need to do this on a mouse and keyboard setting, increasing the camera movement speed of the controller can do wonders for the gameplay.

Moreover, the fans of the Armored Core series would remember how the enemy changes places. This requires you to follow them constantly as they draw circles around you. Increasing your camera speed will allow you to keep up with them, saving you from receiving extra damage.

2. Get used to using Quick Boost.

Quick Boost is among the new features Armored Core 6 introduced to the series. At its core, it simply means dodging to avoid boss attacks and other projectiles.

Previous games in the series didn’t have this feature. And that required us to maneuver around the enemy and its projectiles. While that required a type of finesse, this Souls-like dodge formula saves you all the trouble.

That’s why getting a grip on Quick Boost in Armored Core 6 is essential. Most of the time, it will save you from massive attacks from artilleries. At a minimum, you’ll receive less damage, thus paying less for repair costs.

On the other hand, don’t forget that it is not as effective as you would think against the bosses. That’s why you should not spend all the energy of the AC quick-boosting around.

3. Focus on verticality.

This is one of the best Armored Core 6 tips we can give you. Focusing on verticality is a must in this game. Unlike the previous games, Fires of Rubicon constantly tests your skills in vertical fights.

Most of the time, you should be flying around and focusing on 3D movement. That being said, gunning for a heavier AC design allows you to be less hasty on the battlefield. While that makes you slower, it will let your AC to eat up more damage.

But for those with mobile and mid-range AC build, focusing on verticality is key!

4. Use your blade to cut costs and deliver solid damage.

A staple of the Armored Core series, the blades are the key to delivering massive damage and reducing ammunition costs. Their true potential also shines in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon.

Placed in the left arm of your AC unit, the blades are the best to one-shot most enemies. They are also incredibly effective against staggered bosses and enemies.

Their only downsides would be the timing and getting an accurate shot. Provided that you’re locked onto the enemy, a blade attack would easily one-hit them. But if you miss your attack, it means wasting your energy and giving the enemy a ton of time to hit you real good.

5. Always optimize your mecha build.

Testing new builds and getting creative with your AC is what the Armored Core games are all about. That’s why you can sell the parts at the same price you’re buying them at.

And Armored Core 6 is the epitome of mech customization. It wants you to try out new parts and come up with new builds. If you feel like something about the AC unit doesn’t work right, jump into the Assembly tab and get creative.

Also, focus on changing your legs. The AC test you’ll conduct with the mech’s new legs will instantly make you feel the change. That’s exactly why this is one of the best Armored Core 6 tips.

Continuously optimize your build and never be afraid of using new parts!

6. Do not focus on using a single weapon.

It is possible to build a moving fortress in Armored Core 6. And that’s perfect for mech fans. But for players who are new to the series, things can get a bit messy.

You might feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of detail in the game. This would result in focusing on and using a single weapon throughout missions.

Since your AC consists of many parts and weapons, you should focus on using them as a whole. Since every bullet means a penny out of your pocket, try using your blade, right-arm gun, and back units.

Only using your back units to deal solid damage might sound reasonable. But missiles are expensive. That’s why constantly using them would quickly drain your budget.

That’s where your arm weapons take the lead. Try to take down most of your enemies with a blade. After taking down MTs and other ground units, you should consider using your missiles and bigger weapons.

This will allow you to cut costs and maximize your Armored Core 6 experience!

7. Make Assault Boost a part of your combat formula.

Although it has a new name, the Assault Boost feature was a prominent aspect of Armored Core games in the past. It simply allows your AC boost to go long ranges quickly, or avoid suppression fire from the enemy.

But in Armored Core 6, Assault Boost gains a whole new dimension that you can integrate into the battles. First and foremost, Assault Boost is the ultimate feature to deal massive damage while getting receiving less impact.

It works like a charm on boss fights and enemies that constantly shoot at you far away. That’s why try using Assault Boost quite often. This will allow you to receive less damage as well.

On the other hand, do keep in mind that it is power-hungry. So it will eat up a lot of your AC’s energy.

8. Don’t forget to scan areas.

Scanning is a feature you literally need to abuse. It allows you to explore the large maps of Rubicon. After scanning, the areas you can reach can contain parts, enemies, data logs, and more.

Making scanning a habit also helps on the battlefield. It instantly tags the enemies for your convenience and helps you get a grip on the utter chaos during the missions.

9. Use your Repair Kits wisely.

The Repair Kits is another new aspect that Armored Core 6 introduces. At its core, they are simply health potions that you can only use three times throughout the mission.

They do replenish once you fail and restart from the checkpoint, but it is always a good idea to use them wisely. That’s because a game with health potions basically means that you’re in for a long and hard ride.

The game forces you even further with long combat sequences. That’s because it grants you three repair kits in the first place. So, avoid spamming health kits in the earlier sequences of the missions.

10. Spend some time in the Training mode for some rewards.

Playing the Training mode will grant you some free parts. Do keep in mind that the mission list in Training mode keeps getting bigger, though. As you proceed with your journey on Rubicon 3, new Training missions will unlock.

It is a very good idea to start completing these missions as soon as the game allows you to. This will not only allow you to familiarize yourself with the controls. But it will also give you new AC parts.

11. Replay missions to increase cash flow.

Another great one among the Armored Core 6 tips would be replaying the missions. This is a great way to increase cash flow. The more missions you replay, the more fame and money you get for new AC builds.

Head to your Sortie tab to see the past missions and choose one to replay. It is also a solid way to practice and get better for the endgame.

12. Save your builds.

As we mentioned earlier, building new ACs is the core element of the Armored Core series. That’s why you should delve into some mech-building and customization endeavors.

Armored Core 6 doesn’t only encourage you to do that, but it also allows you to save multiple builds. This is great for many reasons. For example, one mission would require a mobile AC with a focus on 3D movement.

Whereas another mission can be filled with MTs constantly firing at you. That’s where you need a bulky AC unit to endure the massive firepower

You can also get personal with your builds. That’s because the game comes with a myriad of customization options. Make one of them pink and call it PinkyBoy, or build another AC that seems like it jumped out of Evangelion. You can also name them however you want!

13. Not every mission has a checkpoint.

It is nice not being have to start all the way from beginning when you fail the mission. But that only applies to the missions with checkpoints.

Both the series’ fans and newbies would realize that the first missions come with checkpoints. While that’s convenient, keep in mind that some missions don’t have this option.

We couldn’t find a particular reason why some missions lack these convenience. But it is a good idea to play every mission as if there was no checkpoint. This should get you better outcomes as well!

14. Learn your “legs.”

Another solid Armored Core 6 tip would be learning all about leg types. That’s because legs are the sole mech part that profoundly change the type of your AC.

Reverse-Joint Legs

Reverse-joint legs introduce a dynamic shift in mobility by offering brilliant movement speed and maneuverability. These legs enable higher jumps and extended flight durations. And that allows for a rapid and agile traversal.

Bipedal Legs

Bipedal legs are one of the franchise’s most popular mech parts, including Armored Core 6. They are the versatile workhorses of mech mobility. And they strike a balance between ease of control and adaptability. For that reason, they serve as an excellent choice for newcomers.

Tank Treads

Tread legs transform your mech into a virtual tank. Even lighter tread legs empower you to equip heavier weaponry and parts, significantly bolstering your mech’s durability and firepower. And of course, the recoil from heavy weapons is dramatically reduced, facilitating accurate firing while on the move.

That said, you also become much less mobile due to their hefty structure.

Tetrapod Legs

Tetrapod legs are also known as Quads by veterans of the series. They offer aa distinctive blend of aesthetics and playstyle. In Armored Core 6, these legs undergo significant changes, though. And all of those changes definitely contribute to their uniqueness. Tetrapod legs notably reduce recoil from heavy weapons compared to other leg types, allowing for improved firing accuracy.

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This comprehensive guide offers essential Armored Core 6 tips and tricks to navigate the challenging battles of Rubicon 3. Optimizing controller settings, mastering Quick Boost maneuvers, and embracing verticality are key to survival. Moreover, you should also depend on your blade for solid damage and cost reduction.

Alongside all these, remember that diving into mecha customization is crucial for success too. And switching between your weapons is also important for better mission results in Armored Core 6.

By incorporating these tips and tricks into your gameplay, you can thrive in the engulfed planet of Rubicon 3 and proudly carry your callsign, Raven.

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