Where to Play Every Armored Core Game in 2023?

Where to Play Every Armored Core Game in 2023?

Where to play every Armored Core game in 2023? Here are the best platforms to experience FromSoftware’s mecha series.

FromSoftware announced the next mainline entry of their acclaimed mecha series back in December. And with the arrival of Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, fans of the studio’s works are curious about the previous titles.

where to play every armored core game

That being said, the last game of the series made its debut all the way back in 2013. That’s why it can be difficult to enjoy the older games in the series in 2023. It is worth noting that many of the games in the franchise launched on PlayStation 2. But it is still possible to experience the best Armored Core games on multiple platforms, and even PC!

Let’s dive in and find out where to play every Armored Core game in 2023.

Where to play Armored Core games?

A majority of the titles in the series launched on Sony PlayStation 2. But thanks to the brilliant advancements in the gaming landscape, it is possible to play these games on other platforms.

That being said, we always recommend using the original disks and consoles to experience older games. When they are not possible, users can prefer going with emulators. Do keep in mind that this post only serves to provide information, though. It does not promote emulation or any other method to play games as well.

Armored Core

The first Armored Core game made its debut on Sony PlayStation. It received critical acclaim around the world and motivated FromSoftware Games to continue with the series.

how to play armored core

Its features made it stand out among other games in PlayStation’s library. In 2023, you can play Armored Core on the following platforms.

  • PlayStation
  • PlayStation Portable
  • PlayStation Vita
  • PlayStation 3

Do keep in mind that it costs $5.99 across these platforms.

Armored Core Games on PlayStation 2

As the fourth entry in the series, Armored Core 2 offers a solid journey that takes place on Earth and Mars. This brilliant mecha-action game from the decorated studio can be experienced on PlayStation 2 only.

best platforms to play armored core games

If you really want to play the previous titles, we suggest diving into some console hunting. Keep in mind that finding a working copy of Armored Core 2 for PlayStation 2 can be difficult. And of course, you’ll need a stable console alongside a TV that comes with compatible sockets.

But, for those who are willing to take risks, there is another method to play Armored Core 2 on PC. Like many other PlayStation 2 games, it is possible to use the PCSX2 emulator to experience the fourth installment of the celebrated mecha series.

With a PCSX2 emulator and Armored Core 2 ROM, the only thing you need to do is to configure the controllers. After completing that process, you can build your own mecha and dive into the battlefield. Here are all of the other Armored Core games you can play on PlayStation 2 or PCSX2 emulator.

  • AC 3
  • AC: Silent Line
  • AC: Nexus
  • AC: Nine Breaker
  • AC: Last Raven

Armored Core Games on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

The seventh generation of video game consoles also had their share of FromSoftware’s acclaimed series. FromSoftware released four great games during the era when Sony PlayStation and Xbox 360 conquered the gaming landscape.

The 2006 mecha title Armored Core 4 serves as a reboot for the series. As the 12th installment, it made its debut on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with the directorial leadership of Hidetaka Miyazaki.

where to play every armored core game

Although the 12th entry was criticized for its approach to the usual elements, it received mixed or average reviews from critics. That being said, the title did come with massive visual overhauls thanks to the console’s capabilities. That’s why both PS3 and Xbox 360 are great platforms to play Armored Core 4 in 2023.

The same goes for the following titles below. Here are the best platforms to play Armored Core games in 2023.

  • AC 4 – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (or Xenia Emulator)
  • AC: For Answer – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (or Xenia Emulator)
  • AC V – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (or Xenia Emulator)
  • AC: Verdict Day – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (or Xenia Emulator)

Are there any PC Armored Core games?

Unfortunately, there are no Armored Core games currently available on PC. But the most recent entry of the series will launch on PC. Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is set to release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S as well.

Do I need to play all Armored Core games before the new game?

No. The new game that will launch in August 2023 tells a completely different story from the previous games. It is true that some other titles in the franchise share the same timeline. But the sixth mainline game does not require you to play the previous games.

What consoles is Armored Core on?

The most recent game will launch across the next-gen and last-gen gaming consoles. It will also release on Microsoft Windows PC via Steam.

As you can see, playing these games in 2023 is no walk in the park. That’s because the Japanese game giant has released its acclaimed titles across platforms and generations. That’s why a great number of players are having difficulties accessing them.

On the other hand, it is still possible to hunt for these games on eBay or a local game shop. Based on your location, it can be even more difficult to find a place to buy a second-hand copy.

That’s where using emulators comes into the scene. We don’t encourage using any type of emulation software to play Armored Core games on a PC. But for those adamant to try, keep in mind the risks involved.

We’ve provided you with a list that shows where to play every Armored Core game as we wait for the next game to arrive in August 2023.

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