Best Weapons for Hu Tao in Genshin Impact

best weapons for hu tao in genshin impact

What are the best weapons for Hu Tao in Genshin Impact? Find the most powerful and suitable gear for the skilled pyro in miHoYo’s RPG.

Genshin Impact continues to conquer the gaming landscape with its ever-expanding roster of characters. The free game takes players to Teyvat and allows them to take the role of a wide number of characters. The faces of Teyvat come from different parts of the world and each of them is a master warrior who specializes in elemental combat.

One of these characters is the beloved Hu Tao, a 5-star Pyro character who can burst out solid damage during your battles in Teyvat. But what are the best weapons for Hu Tao to build? Here are the most powerful ones you should use while making a Hu Tao guide.

The Best Four-Star Weapons for Hu Tao

Before diving into the world of the most exquisite weaponry in Genshin Impact, look at the best four-star polearms for Hu Tao. You should look at them. They are relatively easier to get your hands on. Even though they are as not as powerful as their five-star successors, these polearms will prove helpful for you when building the best Pyro DPS of the whole Teyvat.

3. Deathmatch

Deathmatch is arguably the best four-star polearm for Hu Tao. That’s because it has unique features like the Crit Rate boost of 36.8%. It is primarily the most viable option if you want your build to emphasize critical attacks.

In addition to the sweet Crit Rate boost, Deathmatch also increased the character’s normal ATK by 16% or 24%. The boost changes depending on the number of your enemies during combat.

2. Blackcliff Pole

best weapon for hu tao

Yet another great weapon for Hu Tao, Blackcliff Pole comes with a great ATK increase of 36%. Designed for your mob slaying endeavors, this Liue polearm is in the Blackliff Series and has a base ATK of a minimum of 42 and a maximum of 510.

1. Lithic Spear

Lithic Spear is also a great option for Hu Tao as its stats grants a 27.6% ATK in addition to its great passive skill, Lithic Axiom: Unity. Thanks to the latter, Hu Tao receives an 8% more ATK increase and a 4% Crit Rate, which stacks up to 4 times. Moreover, the Unity skill provides the same boost for every character who is from Liyue. That’s why you can also consider this wonderful polearm for your other characters who hail from the same region of Teyvat.

What are the best weapons for Hu Tao?

One needs to master the arsenal of Genshin Impact to equip their character with ease. But when it comes to Hu Tao, there is a ton of weapons that you can consider based on your playstyle.

We have listed the three best polearms for Hu Tao in Genshin Impact.

3. The Primordial Jade Winged-Spear

This great staff with a relatively longer name does deserve the attention it gets. While you can only get your hands on this great weapon from Weapon Event Wishes, The Primordial Jade Winged-Spear offers a Base Attack starting from 48 to 674. The five-star polearm also comes with a 22.1% Crit Rate, making it a solid option for those who want to build a powerful DPS out of Hu Tao.

Why should you use The Primordial Jade Winged-Spear?

  • This five-star weapon is especially better for those who want to stack up their ATK.
  • Thanks to the weapon’s Eagle Spear of Justice, every time Hu Tao hits her enemies, her ATK is increased by 3.2% for 6 seconds.
  • Moreover, the stack goes up to 7 times, yielding an incredible damage increase that will obliterate the beasts of Teyvat.

2. The Skyward Spine

Another five-star Polearm that you can only get from Weapon Event Wishes, The skyward Spine has a Base ATK between 48 and 674 depending on the character’s level. The magical polearm also comes with the Energy Recharge stat.

The secondary stat of The Skyward Spine boosts Hu Tao’s energy by at least 8% and a maximum of 36.8%. In addition to the sweet energy boost, the weapon also boosts the pyro’s Crit Rate by 8%, granting a solid bonus to ATK speed.

Why is The Skyward Spine a great weapon for Hu Tao?

  • The Skyward Spine’s Black Wing trait increased the Normal ATK speed for Hu Tao by 12%.
  • Crit Rate boost by 8%.
  • Normal and Charged attacks come with a %50 chance of initiating a vacuum blade that bursts out great damage.

1. The Staff of Homa

Best Weapons for Hu Tao in Genshin Impact

There are a wide number of weapons that you can use for your Hu Tao build. That being said, in order to get the best of the best, you will have to get your hands on lots of Wishes. Because you can get this unrivaled weapon only from Wishes, and it is called The Staff of Homa.

The Staff of Homa has some winner features such as its Base Attack of 46-608 based on your Hu Tao’s level. Moreover, the Staff of Homa comes with a Crit Damage increase starting from 14.4 to 66.

Thanks to its Reckless Cinnabar feature, The Staff of Homa also boosts the cheerful pyromancer’s health by 20%. That’s not all with this great weapon though, as it offers a bonus of 0.8% of bonus based on the character’s HP.

Why is The Staff of Homa the best weapon for Hu Tao?

  • Great base ATK
  • Crit damage boost
  • Reckless Cinnabar offers a 20% HP boost
  • ATK bonus of 0.8% of max HP

Hu Tao Best Artifacts Guide

While the weapon you wield is of utmost importance, choosing the best artifact for a DPS Hu Tao build is essential. That being said, the term “best” can actually vary depending on your playstyle. That’s why we did not only talk about the best artifact for this character but also listed the ones that serve as an alternative. Let’s dive in and have a look at the artifacts you can go with for the beloved Pyro.

1. Crimson Witch of Flames

Crimson Witch of Flames is the best artifact for Hu Tao. That’s because this Artifact Set ensures that you can deal with a massive amount of Pyro damage. Alongside this huge boost, the set increases your damage with reactions to Pyro as well.

best artifacts for hu tao

And the 4-piece bonus for this amazing set boosts your Overloaded and Burning effects and introduces a 40% increase to the Burgeon DMG. If that’s not enough for you, do note that the set also increases Melt and Vaporize DMG by 15%.

Keep in mind that you can obtain the Crimson Witch of Flames Artifact Set at the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula. The set is available in 4-star and 5-star rarities as well.

2. Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

If the best doesn’t cut it, you also have this beautiful Artifact Set as a substitute. Shimenawa’s Reminiscence comes with a sweet ATK increase of 18% when you have two pieces equipped.

On top of that, the 4-piece bonus of the artifact doubles the DMG of normal, charged, or plunging attacks if Hu Tao has at least 15 or more Energy. The 50% damage increase lasts 10 seconds and costs 15 Energy. But it is definitely worth it.

3. Noblesse Oblige Set

If you don’t want to go with our first two recommendations, make sure that your gun for Noblesse Oblige is set as it also comes with some great features.

The 2-piece Noblesse Oblige set secures a damage increase of 20% Elemental Burst. But if you want to equip Hu Tao with every piece in the set, it ensures that your whole team gets an ATK increase of 20% after the Elemental Burst.

Best Team Compositions for Hu Tao in Genshin Impact

The team members in Genshin Impact are just as important as the artifacts and the weaponry. Here are some great team comps for your dangerous endeavors with Hu Tao in Teyvat.

Team 1:

  • Hu Tao
  • Yelan (Hydro)
  • Xingqiu (Hydro)
  • Zhongli (Geo)

Team 2:

  • Hu Tao
  • Xingqiu (Hydro)
  • Kazuha (Anemo)
  • Thoma (Pyro)

Team 3: 

  • Hu Tao
  • Yelan (Hydro)
  • Diona (Cryo)
  • Kaeya (Cryo)

Hu Tao Ascension Skills

Genshin Impact characters have a wide array of skills that unlock at Ascension. Here are the passive talents and Ascension skills of the cheerful Pyro.

Flutter By (Unlocks at Ascension 1)

All allies in the party get a Crit Rate increase of 12% for 8 seconds, provided that Guide to Afterlife’s conclusion activates a Paramita Papilio state.

Who is Hu Tao in Genshin Impact?

Hu Tao is the director and chief alchemist of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor in Liyue. This beloved character is known for her unique and quirky personality, as well as her mastery of Pyromancy. In the magical world of Teyvat, she is an esteemed character thanks to her unrivaled work in the funeral parlor and of course, her amazing combat skills.

The pyro warrior Hu Tao has a petite figure and always comes with a lively expression. She has flowers pinned in her hair, which complements her cheerful appearance as well. Don’t be fooled by her figure though, as Hu wields a solid polearm that goes exceptionally well with her Pyromancy skills.

She is also a five-star banner in Genshin Impact. And her skills make her a fan-favorite character in the Genshin Impact community.

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