Sifu Guide – Best Tips for Beginners

Sifu Guide - Best Tips for Beginners

Here’s your ultimate Sifu guide that will help you master your combat skills in a challenging quest for revenge. We listed the best tips and tricks for beginners.

There is no doubt that Sifu is a difficult game. Like many other roguelikes, it comes with a steep learning curve and it encourages you to start again. While it offers tons of fun, roguelike games like Sifu demand time and patience as well. This means that you will fail numerous times in order to become better in the game.

While the game has similar elements of the roguelike genre, it also comes with its unique features like the aging system. For example, every time you die, the magical talisman revives you. But it also makes you older. So it means that you have to beat the game before you die of old age. And to succeed, you need to be competent in combat through unlocking permanent skills.

Sifu Guide – Aging System

This brilliant combat game comes with a unique death and aging system. When you first play the game, you will realize that the combat system is quite challenging. And the first time you die, you will see that your character is now older. Therefore, your main goal is to complete the game and take your revenge before dying of old age.

Though Sifu does not do this to punish the player. Instead, the game offers a chance to improve your character’s skills. When you die, the game opens the revival and skills screen. On this interface, you get to unlock skills that will stay with you permanently. This means that even if your character dies of old age and starts from the beginning, those skills will always be there; making the first chapters a lot easier to complete.

With this cycle, Sifu encourages players to unlock more permanent skills and start over until they master the game’s combat mechanics.

Sifu Tips and Tricks

After that brief introduction, let’s dive into Sifu and continue our path of revenge.

  • You can unlock the shortcuts to complete the levels faster. Make sure that you spend enough time in each map and look for keys. You can get a key that will allow you to use the shortcut in The Club. Look for that key in The Museum.
  • Always try to complete the levels as younger as possible.
  • Your health bar will also decrease when you are older. But getting older also means that there are better skills you will be able to use. Try to find the balance and stay alive as long as possible.
  • Do not focus only on parrying and try getting better at dodging as well.
  • Master the Sweeping attack to put the gang members on the ground. This will give you time to gain your integrity.
  • Try using throwable weapons and attack with anything you see.
  • When you fill your focus bar, you will get to do special attacks that will beat your enemies in an instant.

Sifu Story and True Ending

Sifu is a five-chapter game where you assume the role of a kung-fu warrior set to take his/her revenge. The prologue opens with players controlling the villain who betrays his former master, Sifu. The traitor kills the master, who is the protagonist’s father, and then he orders his henchman to kill the protagonist as well.

Though, thanks to the magical talisman, the protagonist does not die. After reviving, the game takes us years after the event. The protagonist is now 20 years old and bound to take his/her revenge from the traitor and his gang.

Throughout the five chapters, we die and revive until we beat all of the gang members. In the process, the protagonist needs to stay alive as long as possible.

How to get the True Ending?

The game also has a true ending that can be achieved via gathering all the collectibles. You also need to unlock dialogue parts in order to get the True Ending of the game. Make sure that you discover each map extensively and try to see other dialogues segments.

How many bosses are there in Sifu?

There are 5 main bosses in the game. All of them have unique playstyles that will challenge the player. Players can get insights about them in the hub. Continue reading our Sifu guide to learn the names of the bosses.

Here are all the bosses in Sifu:

  • Fajar (The Botanist) – The one who attacks the young protagonist during the betrayal. He is the first boss of the game. You will fight him in The Squats.
  • Sean (The Fighter) – Makes burning attacks and adopts aggressive combat. He is the second boss of the game. He is located in The Club.
  • Kuroki (The Artist) – Kuroki is a very swift fighter and requires players to do lots of dodging and parrying. She waits for you in The Museum.
  • Jinfeng (The CEO) – Jinfeng is the last boss before the leader and fights with a strange weapon. She is located on the top level of The Tower.
  • Yang (The Leader) – Yang is the one who killed Sifu. He is also the last boss of the game. He stays in The Sanctuary.

How long is Sifu?

  • It will take you 15 to 17 hours to complete Sifu. If you tend to have a completionist style in your gameplays, you might as well spend 20 hours to finish the game.

Here’s your Sifu guide and some of the best tips to make things easier on the path of revenge.

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