Best Christmas Games on

Best Christmas Games on

Here are the best Christmas games on to keep the Christmas atmosphere alive a bit more. is an amazing store for indie developers to earn money for their work. It is also a great place for curious gamers who like to explore new games. The store also serves as a stepping point for new indie developers who are looking for ways to earn money at the beginning of their careers. As the platform allows them to sell their games, they get to chance to practice and also make money after selling their games. A customer can tell their price for a certain game in which they are interested. With this selling method, gamers get to purchase an indie game a lot cheaper and the developer earns money to create much better projects in the future. These are the reasons why is a great ecosystem for almost everyone.

Another winner feature of the store is that it helps developers gain publicity. A YouTuber might buy their game and share it on their channel, influencing the followers and helping the game’s reputation on the market.

Best Christmas Themed Games on

All these features make a solid starting point for aspiring game devs. Alongside the opportunities it has for them, this virtual store is also an ideal place for people who love playing indie games. Thanks to various themes, you can play lots of various games from different genres. In this post, we have put together a list of the best Christmas games on If you want to hang on to the Christmas atmosphere for a bit longer, you can have a look at these indie titles below.

No More Snow

No More Snow is the real Santa action we have been looking for. This great shooter game with lovely graphics wants you to assume the role of Santa, whose only task is to shoot down scary snowmen. As you progress and get new weapons the number of snowmen trying to attack you will also increase. From shotguns to machine rifles, No More Snow invites you to help Santa in his quest of destroying the snowmen once and for all. The isometric shooter offers a ton of fun. When you feel like it gets repetitive, it grants you another weapon to keep you a bit longer.

When Winter Ends

When Winter Ends is a beautiful game with a strong narrative. The game follows the story of two strangers; a little girl and a traveler. Both of them have their mysteries and the player has to find them in this point-and-click adventure game. This great game comes with four endings and it consists of eleven thousand words. When Winter Ends offers a beautiful winter story that we all need to hear.

Super Delivery Boy – The Holiday Shift

This great arcade game depicts a Christmas where Santa is nowhere to be found and giving presents is left to a delivery boy. Players assume the role of a young teen as he tries to deliver all the gifts during the Holiday shift. But time is not the only enemy as the picky children and strange creatures are waiting and the path is quite dangerous.

You need to be careful and deliver the presents correctly. Make sure that the colors of the present match the children so that you do not lose any points.

Chimney Presents

In this great Christmas-themed game, we take the role of Santa and go on a quest of delivering the presents. Unlike in Super Delivery Boy – The Holiday Shift, Santa is back on track yet he needs our help in giving the gifts. In this incredibly fun 2D platformer, players try to overcome the many challenges as the usual difficulties of the genre try to prevent them. That being said, if you enjoyed playing Super Meat Boy, you will feel right at home when playing Chimney Presents.

Slay Bells

Unlike other games in this list, Slay Bell comes with a different Christmas story where Santa himself is an evil kİller that tries to hunt you down. developed by Blake McKinnon, Slay Bells will take you to the horror stories of the 80s as you try to escape the killer Santa with his bloody axe. Do not forget the check your surroundings to protect yourself against him, though.


Sanki is one of the most minimal games on It is a sledding game where you go downhill as long as possible. It also has two controls and does not come with any of the things you would see in another game. There is you, your sleigh and a pixelated hill of snow; waiting for you to go as long as you can. This simple yet amazing game will take you on a journey into your childhood.

Sanki is an 8-bit tribute to the games you played when you were a child. It is definitely the ultimate indie game that offers a ton of fun without all those glamorous features.

A Quiet Winter Walk Home

A snowy day is a good day. And going for a walk on a snow day is one of the best things we can do in our lives. Appreciating the beauty of a cold and relaxing winter day is now possible with this beautiful and simple title.

A Quiet Winter Walk Home, hence the name, invites you for a quiet walk to a train station. You start walking from your house and go to the train station while the snow accompanies you alongside smiling snowmen. It is also possible to interact with townspeople during your small trip to the station. According to the comments of people who played the game, A Quiet Winter Walk Home offers a soothing experience. It also has its moments of humor and references to other titles.

Here are some of the best Christmas games on that you can play right now. Most of them are free but do consider paying as the indie developers always need a budget for their new projects. Let’s also note that you can choose the amount.

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