God of War PC Guide – Tips and Tricks

God of War PC Guide - Tips and Tricks

God of War PC guide is here for you as go on a dangerous journey in Midgard with Kratos and Atreus. Here are some tips and tricks to help you on your path to Valhalla.

One of the best PlayStation exclusives arrived on PC after four years of its release. After Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone, we now have another “console exclusive” game to experience on PC. Though all three titles are great in terms of performance, Sony set the bar really high with the ported version of the critically acclaimed game of SIE Bend. That’s why we listed some of the best tips and tricks for you to find your way around Midgard.

God of War PC Guide

After getting your hands on it, here are some of the best tips and tricks regarding God of War runes, skills and quests.

Smash everything you see.

Every crate or an ancient vase around you might be hiding a purse of Hacksilver, which is the currency used to upgrade your armor and weapons. Every new area you come across during your journey will provide a great amount of Hacksilver. Smash everything you see with your axe to find get some cash.

Look for Nornir chests.

You will see strange chests during your journey. Although they come in different shapes, make sure that you keep an eye out for them. These chests hide Hacksilver, a resource for upgrading your gear and unique items that increase your maximum health.

While Nornir chests are quite useful, they offer a challenge before you get open them. You need to hit three bells with blue runes on them as fast as possible to remove the lock of these chests.

Improve your skills.

Gaining experience points in God of War is quite easy. You will see that you have a ton of XP after you find your way out of combat. Visit your Skills menu on a regular basis to improve your Leviathan Axe and also Talon Bow, which is used by Atreus.

Do not underestimate Atreus and his Talon Bow.

As you progress, you will probably realize how helpful Atreus is during combat. Make sure that you upgrade his armor and unlock new skills. With various arrow types, Atreus will stun your enemies to make the fight a lot easier for you. If you upgrade his skills enough, he will be able to take down enemies all by himself as well.

Try every new Runic attack you get.

Kratos also has these amazing skills that help you when you are overwhelmed with enemies. With these great powers, the Ghost of Sparta can do a great amount of damage to lots of creatures at once. Most of the Runic attacks provide damages that affect an area. So make sure you use them during combat and create your own set of skills. You can also change these Light and Heavy Runic Attacks when you find new ones.

Check the Bestiary often.

God of War also offers a Bestiary where you can get lots of useful bits of information about the enemies you will see during your adventure. Atreus does not only fight these creatures but he also takes notes about them, providing you with great info that will aid you in combat. The bestiary lets you know the weak points of your enemies and also helps you on using solid tactics.

Focus on side quests.

While rushing the main story sounds compelling, you will find it useful to focus on side quests as well. Brok and Sindri will ask for some favors from you during your journey. Try to do them as the side quests are usually not very difficult. They are easy to find and they also yield great items and other resources.

Well, we hope that these tips and tricks in our God of War guide will help you during your adventure in Midgard and many other realms. The game is now available on Steam and Epic Games Store. The title also comes with great features like NVIDIA DLSS and NVIDIA Reflex, reaching its full glory in terms of visual quality.

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