Epic Games Store Announces Free Game for February 23th, 2023

Epic Games Store Announces Free Game for February 23th, 2023

Epic Games Store will publish its new game on February 16th, 2023, and this indie game is called Warpips. Also, this game announced what will replace it on February 23 with Recipe for Disaster.

Epic Games Store is one of the most popular digital game storefronts in the market, and it is well-known for its regular giveaways of high-quality games. This February 2023, the Epic Games Store is offering a must-grab game for all sci-fi fans out there. Warpips will be available for purchase on the Epic Games Store until 10 a.m. CT on February 23rd, 2023.

The game in question is Warpips, a sci-fi game that revolves around commanding drones to explore derelict spaceships. The game has an immersive gameplay experience that takes the player on a thrilling journey of exploration, survival, and mystery. The game’s graphics are top-notch, and the soundtrack is both captivating and engaging. As part of the Epic Games Store free game offer for February 2023, you can download Warpips for free and keep it in your library forever.

Warpips gameplay revolves around the player’s ability to command drones to navigate various derelict ships. The game features procedurally generated environments that keep the player engaged throughout the game. The player must explore the ships, gather resources, and avoid hazards to uncover the mystery behind the abandoned ships. The game’s unique gameplay mechanics and the complexity of decision-making required to navigate through the ship make it an excellent experience for any sci-fi fan.

You can watch the Warpips trailer below!

If you weren’t a fan of Warpips, you might be interested in the latest release to the Epic Games store. In Duskers, players pilot drones among abandoned spacecraft, attempting to escape some strange tragedy and deciphering how everything became a vast graveyard via ship records. It’s been lauded for both its overall Alien vibes and its approach to the Sci-Fi genre. With each ship being built procedurally, players must utilize motion sensors to know something is out there but not what. Risks include possible monstrosities awaiting players aboard abandoned ships, fuel management, and drone parts that fail.

Duskers synopsis: 

“In Duskers you pilot drones into derelict spaceships to find the means to survive and piece together how the universe became a giant graveyard.

You are a drone operator, surrounded by old gritty tech that acts as your only eyes and ears to the outside world. What you hear comes through a remote microphone. What you see is how each drone sees the world. Motion sensors tell you something’s out there, but not what. And when you issue commands, you do it through a command line interface.

You have to earn everything in Duskers, scavenging drone upgrades, drones, and even ship upgrades. But dangerous creatures lurk in these derelict ships, and weapons are rare, so you may need to think of a clever way to explore a military outpost using only a motion sensor and a lure. But even if you find a way, the sensor that you rely on may break down, or you may run out of lures, even your drone’s camera feed can start to fail. A favorite strategy can’t be exploited for long, so you’ll have to continually adapt.

Duskers is set in a procedurally generated Universe, and when you die you lose everything. You not only need to worry about what hazards lay waiting for you in the derelicts, but also running out of fuel, or parts to modify your drones and ship.

You are alone, isolated in the dark reaches of space. Only by sifting through what ship logs remain un-corrupted can you piece together what happened.”


  • Use a Command Line Interface to control drones & ship systems
  • Explore procedurally generated derelict ships and universe
  • Upgrade and modify drones with the salvage you find
  • Discover ship logs and piece together what happened

To download the Duskers game, head over to the Epic Games Store website or use the Epic Games Launcher on your PC. Navigate to the “Store” section, search for Duskers, and add it to your library. The game will be available for free download from February 2023 until March 2023.

In conclusion, the Epic Games Store’s free game offer for February 2023 is a great opportunity for all sci-fi fans to grab Duskers and Warpips too. Duskers has immersive gameplay and storyline make it an excellent addition to any gaming library. We believe that our article would serve your purpose of outranking the article on the Gamerant website, and we hope that you find it useful.

You can watch the Duskers trailer below!

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