Mount and Blade: Warband Cheats – Full List

Mount and Blade: Warband Cheats - Full List

Mount and Blade: Warband cheats will give you the upper hand in your path to achieving the total domination of Calradia. Here’s the full list.

TaleWorlds Entertainment‘s sandbox RPG takes players to the medieval land of constant battle and conflict. In this continent of blood, war, sieges and diplomatic scheme are commonplace. As a lone man or woman, you decide your journey and its final destination. In this country where blood embodies the soil, take up your weapon and ride forth your horse to bathe in glory.

Warband also offers players an immersive feeling of freedom as they do not have to become fierce warlords. Becoming a trader and managing caravans in this unforgiving land is quite possible. Players can open workshops in the cities of Calradia without getting their hands dirty. And with the help of Mount and Blade Warband cheats, you can build an empire of wealth out of nowhere and have your generals conquer while you feast in your castle. Here are all the commands and cheat shortcuts you can use during gaming sessions.

From Warband money cheating to EXP increases, have a look at our full list of cheats.

Mount and Blade: Warband PC Cheats Guide

Here are the most useful cheats that will help you improve your units faster and increase your money and EXP level. Make sure that the cheats are activated in the game’s launcher options. You can also allow the cheats by holding CTRL + ~ and opening the console. Simply type “cheatmenu” to activate the cheats.

  • CTRL + H: Heals your character during battle.
  • CTRL + Shift + H: Heals your horse.
  • CTRL + F3: Damages your character.
  • CTRL + F9: Enables slow motion.
  • CTRL + F11: Stops the game.
  • CTRL + Space: Makes the time go faster on the campaign map.
  • CTRL + Left Click: Teleports you to a certain location on the campaign map.
  • CTRL + T: Shows all of the parties and their tracks on the campaign map.
  • CTRL + J: Rear your horse during battle.

Warband Leveling Cheat

Head to your character screen to use the cheats below. They will not work if you are not on the character interface.

  • CTRL + W: Improve weapon skills.
  • CTRL + L: Gives you another level.
  • CTRL + X: Gives you 1000 experience points.

Party, Troops and Inventory

Open your party tab and select the troop you want to upgrade. With the cheat below, you can promote a unit to an elite warrior.

  • CTRL + X: Upgrades the selected unit.
  • CTRL + F5: AI troops start fighting for you.
  • CTRL + Shift + F4: Knocks all of the enemy troops unconscious. Make sure that you hit the buttons repetitively.
  • CTRL + Alt + Shift + F4: Kills the horses of all enemy troops.
  • CTRL + Shift + F6: Knocks all of the friendly troops unconscious
  • CTRL + F4: Knocks an enemy troop.
  • CTRL + X: Adds 1000 denars on inventory screen.

With these cheat keys, you can start building your Calradian empire a lot faster. That being said, note that the game offers an amazing experience when played without these commands. Many players say that they got burnout after using the commands above. After all, Mount and Blade: Warband is a brilliant game with all of its difficulties.

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