Half-Life 2 Cheats and Console Commands

Half-Life 2 Cheats and Console Commands

Here are Half-Life 2 cheats and console commands to give you the upper hand against the forces of Combine.

Half-Life is one of the most influential video game series in the history of gaming. Developed and published by Valve, the franchise invite players to a dystopian future where humanity is bound to be slaves to a superior alien race. The players assume the role of a silent protagonist named Gordon Freeman and make their way out of Black Mesa, a secret laboratory that is the cause of the invasion. In the wake of a catastrophe, players are tasked with escaping the Black Mesa while also unraveling the many secrets behind the experiments in the laboratory.

After the mind-blowing finale of the first game, the sequel once again invites players to equip the iconic lever and become Freeman. This time, we get to witness the invaded earth and its merciless occupiers. With a wide variety of weapons, a gravity gun and our most trusted lever, our task is to save humanity from its chains. That being said, you might want to make that process easier. It is also possible to add some fun into the adventure thanks to Half-Life 2 cheats and console commands. You can get the upper hands thanks to these commands that you can give via the game’s console.

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How to turn on Half-Life 2 console?

You need to turn on the developer’s console in order to use the cheats and commands during your fight against Combine. Turning it on is essential as we would not be able to use any cheats without it. Here’s how to open Half-Life 2 cheat menu:

  • Head to your Steam library.
  • Find Half-Life 2 and right-click on it.
  • Hit Properties.
  • Click on Set Launch Options.
  • Type in “-console” to the textbox.
  • Click on OK.

And this is how you turn on the developer’s console that is also known as the cheat menu.

How to enable HL2 cheats?

Provided that you enabled Half-Life 2 console, it is time for a little bit of cheating. Here are some of the most useful Half-Life 2 commands that you can use. Only thing you need to do is to type them to the game’s console. If an error comes up, make sure that you type the following command first:

  • sv_cheats 1

Half-Life 2 Cheats

  • god: Makes you immortal.
  • impulse 101: Gives all of the weapons in the game.
  • impulse 82: Spawns a jeep.
  • impulse 83: Spawns an airboat.
  • maps: Lists the game’s maps.
  • npc_create_[NPC name]: Creates a non-playable character.
  • npc_kill: Kills all the NPCs near you.
  • physcannon_maxforce [value]: Changes the pushing and pulling force of the physcannon.
  • ai_disable: Freezes all NPCs.
  • infinite_aux_power: Gives an unlimited amount of power to your suit.
  • suicide: Kills the player.
  • sv_noclipspeed [value]: Sets you movement speend.
  • cl_drawhud 1: Toggles the HUD.
  • cl_showfps: Shows the frames per second.
  • sv_gravity [value]: Allows you to change the gravity level of the world.
  • hurtme: Damages player health.
  • give [code]: Gives the specified item to the player.
  • notarget: Enemies do not notice the player.
  • shake: Shakes the screen.
  • firstperson: First person perspective.
  • thirdperson: Third person perspective.
  • mat_yuv 1: Changes to display to black and white.
  • hidehud 5: Makes the HUD invisible.
  • sk_plr_dmg_crowbar [value]: Changes the damage value of the crowbar.
  • sk_plr_dmg_pistol [value]: Changes the damage value of the pistol.
  • sk_plr_dmg_ar2 [value]: Changes the damage value of the AR2.
  • sk_plr_dmg_357 [value]: Changes the damage value of the 357.

Half-Life 2 Item Commands

  • give item_healthvial: Gives the player a health vial.
  • give item_healthkit: Gives the player a health kit.
  • give item_box_mrounds: Gives SMG ammo.
  • give item_box_sniper_rounds: Gives rounds for the sniper rifle.
  • give item_box_buckshot: Gives buckshot ammo.
  • give item_suit: Gives suit points to the player
  • give weapon_rpg: Gives a rocket launcher.
  • give weapon_crowbar: Gives a crowbar.
  • give weapon_slam: Gives a Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition to the player.
  • give weapon_shotgun: Gives a shotgun:
  • give weapon_pistol: Gives a pistol.
  • give weapon_physcannon: Gives the physcannon.
  • give weapon_rollerwand: Gives a rollerwand.
  • give weapon_molotov: Gives a molotov.
  • give weapon_stickylauncher:  Sticky Launcher
  • give weapon_stunstick: Stunstick
  • give weapon_sniperrifle: Sniper Rifle
  • give weapon_smg2: SMG 2
  • give weapon_smg1: SMG 1
  • give weapon_thumper: Thumper
  • give weapon_ar1: AR1
  • give weapon_ar2: AR2
  • give weapon_brickbat: Brickbat
  • give weapon_cguard: Combine Guard Gun
  • give weapon_crossbow: Crossbow
  • give weapon_immolator: Immolator
  • give weapon_iceaxe: Ice Axe
  • give weapon_hmg1: Heavy Machine Gun
  • give weapon_frag: Frag
  • give item_battery: Battery
  • give item_ar2_grenade: Gives AR2 grenade.
  • give item_ml_grenade: Gives ML grenade.

Here are some of the most useful Half-Life 2 cheats and console commands that will help you change your experience. You can use all of them

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