Best Multiplayer Web Browser Games to Play Right Now

Best Multiplayer Web Browser Games You Can Play Right Now

Here are some of the best multiplayer web browser games you can play right now. These games are free to play and offer a lot of fun.

The world of gaming has come a long way. With the new generation of video game consoles, we can say that the future of gaming is quite bright. The technology allows developers to create some of the most immersive video game worlds we have ever seen before. These mind-blowing graphics, great stories, and iconic characters do excite us for the upcoming titles. Yet again, we somehow always return to those browser games to kill time and escape the boring routine of our daily lives. Of course, they are not enriched with the power of gaming technologies or they do not have unforgettable stories reinforced with deep characters. But they still offer a ton of fun with all of their simple mechanics and minimal designs.

We don’t know how they do it but the best multiplayer browser games manage to cut our bonds with the outside world. The fact that they do not require any fees or installations also adds to the pros list of these small browser-based games.

Best Online Games to Play on a Web Browser

These games are great icebreakers when you are in a new virtual group of friends. With a stable internet connection, you don’t need high-end systems equipped with the latest GPU models or powerful processors. Just click on the link and start the adventure. is a browser-based first-person multiplayer survival game. Explore the world, form clans with your allies, and attack bases.


  • How to play
  • Movement: WASD
  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Main action: Left Mouse Button
  • Use microphone: Press T
  • Open inventory: Tab
  • Use text chat: Enter
  • Build menu: Right click

Who created is created by ONRUSH Studio. Check out their other game on Gaminguides: ! is a fast-paced browser-based FPS game that adopts cute block-like graphics that will remind you of Minecraft or Unturned. This arena-style FPS game is one of the best multiplayer web browser games that you can play right now. It also has a similar style that reminds us of Roblox in terms of visuality. Like the other great titles in the list, it does not require any installation.

If you are looking for an action-packed shooter game to play on the internet, look nowhere else as Krunker offers tons of fun in only minutes. There are also game modes of Krunker like Free For All, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch and Hardpoint. Players can choose one of 12 weapons and go into a lobby to join the action.

Gartic Phone

Gartic Phone is an amazing combination of classic games like the Telephone and Pictionary. The game wants players to make drawings based on another player’s description. And when the drawing is complete, the game then shows it to another player so that they can describe it again. This happens over and over again until all of the players make descriptions and draw something according to them.

When it is finally over, Gartic Phone prepares an incredibly fun slideshow of the drawings that will make you laugh unstoppably. It is really one of the best games on the internet. It is free and it does not want the user to install anything.

Catan Universe

Catan Universe formats the classic tabletop game; Settlers of Catan. This browser-based game offers a chance to build your own civilization while competing against other players. Catan Universe wants you to make use of your resources on the game map while you try to create the most powerful kingdom among others. Players need to make strategic decisions and think about their actions as they are able to build cities, roads and even trade agreements.

It does not have mesmerizing graphics, fighting in real-time armies or a sophisticated diplomacy system. That’s perfectly fine though, as it does not even need all those elements. Because Catan Universe is the digital version of the ultimate tabletop strategy game that made us addicted to the genre.

Tanki Online

Tanki Online is a free-to-play game inviting players to amazing tank battles full of fury and action. Players can customize their tanks and install new modules to increase their performance on the battlefield. With various game modes and different maps, Tanki Online is a simple and very fun action game that you can experience on a web browser. Thanks to its modes like Capture the Flag, Assault and Team Deathmatch, you can test your tank’s might and blow up the enemies all day long.

Especially if you like games where you get to control war machines like World of Tanks, Tanki Online is the multiplayer browser game you are looking for.


GeoGuessr is another great game that you can play on your web browser. It is a bit different than the others on this list as it is actually a guessing game that utilizes the power of maps. GeoGuessr shows you a random place around the world and wants you to analyze your surroundings carefully.

You need to guess the country or the city you are in based on your awareness of the environment. This geographical guessing game does not only test your ability to recognize but also gives you a chance to explore almost anywhere in our world. You can also play it with your friends and see who is better at making guesses based on the architecture of a city or the numbers on a car plate.

Lady Popular


Lady Popular invites you to the glamorous world of fashion as you get to dress your own model. It is not a simple dress and design game though. This multiplayer browser game is full of activities where you get to compete against other designers.

Enrich your wardrobe with numerous items and create the best combinations for your model. From magical themes to the modern waves of fashion, keep up with the events and create something new every day. Dresses, hairstyles, accessories, and makeup systems allow you to design the ultimate fashion model and win the beauty pageants. Lady Popular has a multiplayer system where other players are able to vote for your model as well as your opponent. You can also be the judge of a pageant and get to vote for the best combination of the two.

Here are some of the best multiplayer web browser games you can play right now without downloading and paying anything. Just click the link and join the fun.

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