Best Guild Wars 2 Tips and Tricks – Beginner’s Guide (2023)

best guild wars 2 tips

Here are the best Guild Wars 2 tips and tricks. The unique MMORPG is now available on Steam. So here’s your beginner’s guide into the world of Tyria.

With more than 16 million players around the world, Guild Wars 2 has been one of the most popular MMORPGs to date. The way it encourages players has been worthy of praise since the title’s launch. Players also loved it as it integrates the MMORPG components into its amazing world. Guild Wars 2 is a unique MMO. For some, it is the best online roleplaying game in years. And now that it is available on Steam, more players are diving into the world of GW2.

Guild Wars 2 Tips and Tricks (Updated for 2023)

And that’s where a beginner’s guide to Guild Wars 2 comes in handy. We listed the best tips and tricks for newcomers to Tyria, the game’s mystical and dangerous world.

1. Use inventory features.

Inventory management is something that every MMORPG player needs to master at some point. And for Guild Wars 2, spend a decent amount of time making sure that everything is in place.

guild wars 2 tips

There is a wide variety of items, weapons, and equipment that you will get your hands on during your adventure. That’s why inventory management is important in the game. Fortunately, GW2 comes with various options that allow for better item management. You can list the items based on their rarity and highlight the ones that are new in your inventory.

The “Use All” button in your inventory allows you to open the bags in your inventory. This will unpack all of the items in your inventory. But this can be overwhelming and it can also cause your inventory to fill up. When that happens, close the inventory tab before the Use All button completes unpacking the items. This will cancel the process and restore your inventory to its previous state.

When there are too many items in your bag, open your inventory and click on Deposit All Materials. This will allow you to transfer them to your bank. You can do these near workshops and production places.

2. Never stop exploring.

Guild Wars 2 is one of the best MMORPGs when it comes to discovery and exploration. The world of GW2 encourages the players to explore the many regions of the world.

Regions come with various waypoints, challenges, and points of interest. Completing them grants the player various rewards and EXP. Visiting every location in Tyria also gives “Been there, done that” title.

3. Know the classes.

There are nine classes in the game. Here are all of them:

  • Engineer
  • Elementalist
  • Guardian
  • Necromancer
  • Mesmer
  • Revenant
  • Ranger
  • Warrior
  • Thief

Provided that you buy any version of the game, you are allowed the create 5 characters. But if you are on the free-to-play version, you can only create 2 characters. That being said, you can buy extra character slots as well.

There are 5 races in Guild Wars 2. Here are all of them:

  • Norn
  • Charr
  • Asura
  • Sylvari
  • Human

4. Slaying enemies that exist longer in the world gives your more EXP.

Guild Wars 2 has an amazing way of inviting you to explore the world. It also does a wonderful job in the leveling-up process. Creatures that have roamed on the lands longer than the others yield more experience points. That’s because they have endured more and become stronger than their kin.

5. There are four expansions of Guild Wars 2.

MMORPGs expand their worlds to offer new content to new and returning players. The list of Guild Wars 2 expansions is not long like World of Warcraft. But the expansion packs are the results of a hardworking team and they add a ton of value to the base game. Here is the full list of Guild Wars 2 expansions.

  • Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns (October 23, 2015. Comes free with Path of Fire purchase.)
  • Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire (September 22, 2017)
  • Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons (February 28, 2022)

It is the details like this one that make Guild Wars 2 such a unique MMORPG.

6. Learn all about the game.

Guild Wars 2 has a very welcoming community consisting of helpful and veteran players. Feel free to ask for their help and keep checking out the Wiki page. The stories in the game are far from the generic lore texts that we often see in other MMORPGs. Whether it is a question regarding the lore or the game mechanics, you can always ask for the community’s help.

7. Use the Watchlist.

Watchlist allows you to manage the achievements you are hunting for. You can also track daily missions and other content. It simply functions as a useful and extensive to-do list. Make sure you use it often to avoid getting lost in the content sea of Guild Wars 2.


Here are some of the best Guild Wars 2 tips and tricks. You can download the game from Steam without having to pay for a subscription. The file size is around 65 GB and you will probably won’t have any issues while running the game.

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