Best Browser Games: Free-to-Play Web Games

Best Browser Games to Play With Your Friends

Here are the best browser games that are also free-to-play. Jump right into them to spend some quality time during your breaks and spare time. The games in this list are free to play and require no installation.

There is no doubt that video games are the ultimate form of entertainment. They are also great as a way of escapism as we usually forget about the trivial matters of our monotonous daily lives. Some of them depict mystical worlds, introduce interesting characters and weave them into great stories. That being said, these apply to games that do require the player to invest their time and attention. Browser games, on the other hand, do not have immersive worlds or deep characters to impress you. Yet somehow, they offer a lot of fun by using the power of our web browsers.

Instead of coming with sophisticated gameplay mechanics and open-world activities, the web browser games adopt simple designs and controls so that you can have fun as fast as possible. Just jump right into these games on your browser and make your breaks and free time more enjoyable. They are completely free and do not require any installation as well. A stable internet connection will be more than enough for the best browser games to play with friends.

Best Web Browser Games


Haxball is one of the oldest games on the internet. Yet it also remains as one of the most fun.

This multiplayer browser game that you can play with your friends combines hockey with football. Players get to create teams of three or four players and try to score a goal. While it sounds simple, Haxball is actually a difficult game if you don’t prioritize teamwork. You need to pass the ball to your teammates to reach the opponent’s side. As a physics-based game, Haxball does not allow you to simply run and hit the ball.

This minimal online football game is a lot of fun and it also allows matches up to 8 players.

Well, there you go. These are some of the most fun games that you can enjoy on your browser and invite your friends as well.

Pretend You’re Xyzzy (A Cards Against Humanity Clone)

Cards Against Humanity is the single most offensive card game that we have seen in the history of games. Even though this card game is full of inappropriate words and sentences, it is also one of the most hilarious games out there. It will give you and your friends a good laugh while also making you question your ethics. From Putin to Gandhi, fantasy literature to history; Cards Against Humanity allows you to fill the blanks with certain words.

Pretend You’re Xyzzy, on the other hand, is the perfect clone for this amazing party game. You can play it online with any web browser and invite your friends as well. There is no doubt that it is one of the best browser games to play with friends.


best web browser games

Another strategy game that you can play on your browser with friends is Freeciv. This one is basically an open-source edition of one of the longest-running strategy games out there. The game invites players to a long and tiring challenge of leading their tribes from the dawn of time to the space age. Starting as a tribe and gradually becoming an empire sure sounds great. And being able to do this with your friends is amazing.

Lead your tribe to glory and reach the future with Freeciv. No installation or payment is required. You need to create an account if you want to save your progress though. is one of the best io games on the internet. This arena-style shooter game answers the question of what would happen if Roblox met Counter-Strike? With cute blocky graphics and fast-paced gameplay, invites you to an endless gunfight in colorful maps.

From Team Deathmatch to Free for All, will ensure that your breaks will be a blast…and we mean that literally.


As an internet classic, Transformice has been a solid companion for thousands of players for over a decade. In this amazing game, players assume the role of mice and try to retrieve a piece of cheese. Though the path that goes to the food is full of hardships. That’s why every round a shaman is chosen.

Shaman creates easy ways and build bridges in seconds to help their fellow mice to get the cheese and return home. Though all of the mice need to be very fast as each game usually takes about a minute.

There is no doubt that Transformice is one of the best browser games to play with friends. It does not require any type of installation. The game allows players to dress their mice as well. With its custom maps, lovely songs, and competitive design, Transformice is clearly an amazing game.

  • You can play Transformice on its official website and create your own room to invite friends later on.
  • Just type / (room name)┬áto the chat and wait for the game to teleport you.
  • Ask your friends to write the room name to the chat so that they can join you as well.

Catan Universe

If you want to spend your time wisely during the lockdown, there is no better way than jumping into Catan Universe and getting that strategy muscle working. Catan Universe transfers the ultimate strategy board game to our web browsers.

The game is especially better when you play it with your friends. Players start on a map full of resources. Players need to choose strategic points to get the most of them so that they can build new roads and cities to expand their kingdom. Catan Universe is a great browser-based strategy game to play with your friends. It is also very competitive so you can also try to write your name on the leaderboards after getting the hang of it.

As one of the classic io games, Skribbl offers the fun experience of Pictionary on your web browser. Just invite your friends to this draw & guess game to start the fun. It is one of the most simplistic yet incredibly fun games on the internet.

Players’ task is to guess what the chosen player is drawing. If their guess is right, they score points and win that round. You need to be fast if you want to win though. As artistic skills are not enough in this fun io game. is another great shooter game that you can enjoy without downloading anything. This isometric shooter game invites you to arenas where endless battles take place. Players can get new weapons during gameplay and also unlock new characters. The main goal is to score the most points and try not to die as long as possible.

It is a great fast-paced io game that you can play during your meeting breaks. You can also invite your friends and jump right into it while waiting for your teacher on Zoom.

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